I have had an amazing hunting year so far, and as I was cleaning my boots today so that I can to head to Kansas tomorrow for a deer hunt, I thought I would let you know how much I appreciate my Kenetrek boots.

I'm attaching pics of my amazing NM elk that gross scored 399 5/8 (broken tips would have brought him to about 408). I put lots of miles thru rocky terrain to get him-and never had an issue with my feet.

Then 4 days later I was lucky enough to finish my sheep slam! I had given up on ever getting a Rocky Mountain Big horn tag, but an opportunity popped up that was a gamble, I took it, and it paid off! We hiked, climbed and gasped for air up to 12,500 ft, and my boots performed flawlessly.

The last picture is one from last weekend when we were out exploring a new property and we ended up wading the creek looking for arrowheads. Wading a creek the last of November is not the brightest thing we do, but I found 2 arrowheads and my feet stayed dry.

Love my Kenetreks. See you in a month or so as trade shows start.

Brenda Potterfield